The Chateau of Villandry

The Chateau of Villandry is actually the last of the exceptional Chateaux of the Loire. It was constructed during the period better known as the Renaissance and it is located in the world-famous Loire Valley. Moreover, well-known for its sober architectural elegance including its wonderful gardens, the Chateau of Villandry is truly a sight to behold.

Presentation of the Castle

Set apart by its outstanding decor, the Chateau of Villandry is French architectural design at its best. This Renaissance beauty today has been achieved due to restoration work done in the past after a period of abandonment.

Consequently, you can visit its gardens, which is the number one reason for many visits to Villandry. Also, pay a visit to several rooms of the castle from the living room passing by the kitchen including the terraces. Take note that visitors receive a brochure (free of charge) with a map in several languages that suggest walking routes of the entire garden.

Its history

The lands of this old fortress up until the 1600s were previously known as Columbine and were obtained by Jean Le Breton in the early 1500s. He was France’s war Controller-General under King Francis l and he built Villandry.

However, although the Villandry remained with Le Breton’s family for over 200 years, it was eventually acquired by others over the years until 1906 when it was bought by Joachim Carvallo who invested a lot of time, effort and money in making this property what it is today.

How to visit it

There are a number of ways for anyone to visit the Villandry Castle and enjoy one of the most exquisite gardens anywhere in the world that it has to offer. This is because the Villandry is very accessible by road and motorway. More so, Tours; a place in the Loire Valley is simply nine miles away from here.

Consequently, if you are coming from Tours you can make use of a bike or public transport to get here. However, if you are coming from the city of Paris, then you can either make use of the high-speed train service (55 minutes to Tours from Paris Montparnasse), or visit by using a car (150 miles).

Nevertheless, if you are making your way from Nantes you can also visit via rail, which takes 90 minutes, then take a taxi from the city of Tours or Saint-Pierre-des-Corps station. Other options from Nantes include: shuttle bus or hiring a car.


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