Loire Valley has so much to offer first-time visitors, from the food and wine to the exciting nightlife. The absolute best way of exploring this enchanting place is by taking one of the tours Loire Valley has to offer. Choose from bus tours, bike tours, and even hot air balloon tours. One thing’s for sure: no matter how you choose to discover the exquisite gems that Loire Valley has to offer, you’ll never be short of things to see and do during your visit.

Some of the exciting tours in Loire Valley include:

1. A Full-Day Tour of the Castles with Wine Tasting

Visit the Best Chateaus of the Sologne Region. Loire Valley has a lot of beautiful, fairy-tale chateaus that were either built or renovated in the Renaissance era. They welcome millions of visitors each year, and your trip will not be complete without a tour of these magnificent buildings. During your tour, you will get to explore the unique sights of the UNESCO listed Loire Valley and even pause for some wine tasting. The round trip makes logistics very easy.

Here is a list of 5 of the chateaus you will see during your one day tour:

1. Chambord – A prestigious, colossal, and extravagant chateau which is the largest in the Loire Valley.
2. Blois – This fabulous Royal Chateau features 564 rooms, 100 bedrooms, and 75 staircases!
3. Cheverny – Built in the early 17th century, this castle has a stunning white stone exterior facade.
4. Amboise – This chateau on the eastern borders of Touraine overlooks the River Loire.
5. Chenonceau – Possibly the most romantic castle in the city, it was once home to Cathrine de’ Medici.

2. Loire Valley Hot Air Balloon Ride

Take a ride in a hot air balloon, the most magical tour Loire Valley has to offer and see the splendor of Loire Valley from the air. Choose an early morning ‘sunrise’ ride when the winds are calm, and the air is cool and stable, or opt for a sunset ride for a more romantic adventure. Either way, you get to see all that Loire Valley has to offer including aerial views of the famous fairytale castles, the sweeping vineyards, and the lush forests. Loire Valley is beautiful and impressive but nothing beats the view from above during your three-hour adventure over landscapes, valleys, and landmarks.

3. Loire Valley Wine Tours

Discover the astounding diversity of the wines in Loire Valley with a well-planned wine tasting tour led by some of the most experienced English trade professionals. On this tour, you get to visit different vineyards and wineries, and all the tours are available as day trips from Paris.

The bottom line is that whether you choose to take a bus tour, wine tasting tour, hot air balloon tour, or a gastronomy tour, this historic place has a ton of adventures awaiting you in every corner of this town which is the perfect example of French splendor, style, and gastronomy.

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