The Story behind the De Loches Castle

De Loches Castle was constructed in the 9th century. This enormous castle was built 500 meters away from the Indre river. During the 12th century Henry II of England occupied the castle, it was maintained during King Phillip II invasion, during the war for control of France, until it was captured by him in 1204. After his invasion there was an immediate change in the construction, converting it into an enormous military fortress. Charles VII of France enjoyed living here and eventually the Castle became his favorite place, which is the reason why he decided to give it to his mistress. Later, his son King Louis XI transformed it into a state prison.

King Louis XVI used the Castle as a place to imprison Englishmen after being captured during the American Revolution. It was severely damaged during the French Revolution and there were several restorations done during 1806, but some parts weren’t able to be salvaged, which are visible today as ruins. Now the commune of Loches is in possession of it.

The De Loches Castle has been recognized as a historical monument since 1861. It was converted into a museum in 1985, and it has an immense variety of French medieval armor. The De Lonche Castle is listed on the French Ministry of Culture. It is symbolic in the French culture because it forms part of one of the most important historical times.

What can you find when visiting the De Loches Castle?

When visiting the De Loches Castle you will have the opportunity to do several activities depending on your preferences. If you enjoy hiking, there’s the possibility of you hiking around this area. You can also find here the Loire A Velo cycling route. If you enjoy playing golf you can also take advantage of the Loches-Verneuil golf course. The Haute-Touche wildlife park is an amazing place to experience. For tourists that enjoy water activities, it could be fun to canoe on the Creuse river. Other interesting things to see or do are the Louroux pond and the Chemillé-sur-Indrois lake. This historical site is a gem of french history, it is full of interesting things to see and has a majestic architecture that invites whomever loves historical art to see a master piece that has prevailed in time.

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